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Raissa Frenkel—Partnering With A Nonprofit

Partnering With A Nonprofit: Benefits For All Sides

For businesses, it can be far too easy to be distracted by the bottom line. From streamlining company organization to training employees and pioneering new products and services, much of what a business does is seen through the lens of what can bring in the most profit.   Now, stakeholders are starting to value aspects […]

Raissa Frenkel—Using Data To Give Back

Feedback Loop: Using Data To Give Back

At its core, philanthropy is about finding and addressing patterns.   Really, most things are. Philanthropy in particular centers around taking a deep dive into societal ills, finding populations affected by some sort of problem, and figuring out how to best address that problem. It’s easy to think of philanthropic efforts as throwing money at […]

What Nonprofits Can Learn From Startups- Raissa Frenkel

What Nonprofits Can Learn From Startups

While nonprofits and entrepreneurial startups are run in dramatically different ways, there’s a lot they have in common. Both often navigate perilous financial situations and spend time seeking the funding they need to achieve their goals. Both seek to reach their intended audience and provide a valuable service, relying on good marketing to do so. […]

Raissa Frenkel—Fundraising On A Budget

Fundraising On A Budget: How To Make Less Into More

Charity work, fundraising and giving back to the community can be very rewarding. There is no better feeling than making a difference against an issue you feel passionately about. Though the whole point of fundraising is to raise money for a worthy cause, it can be very expensive to set up the necessary initiatives. When […]

Raissa Frenkel—New Ways To Volunteer

New Ways To Volunteer

When it comes to volunteering, fundraising for a cause is the conception that most people have. Sometimes, a single organization can earn disproportionate focus, even if there are other worthy causes in need of contributions. There’s nothing wrong with being involved in your organization of choice. However, too much can lead to complacency and diminishing […]

Raissa Frenkel—Mixing Up Your Fundraising Ideas

Mixing Up Your Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising, regardless if you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, coming up with unique and an engaging ideas can be difficult. Some fundraiser ideas are simple and easily executed, while others seem complicated to the point of impossibility. Lucky for nonprofits, fundraising should be fun and as stress-free as possible. […]

By Raissa Frenkel

How Can Nonprofits Plan For More Funding?

The hunt for funding is a process every nonprofit organization must go through. Funding is what keeps the organization on its feet and enables them to make a difference. But how can nonprofits plan for more funding? The best way to prepare for funding is for organization leaders to know what resources they already have, […]

By Raissa Frenkel

A Look At Modern Giving Habits

The art of giving is often driven by a donor’s desire to make a tangible impact. Charitable giving has changed over time and evolved to the preferences of the donors. A recent study conducted by Community Brands looks into the experience and expectations donors have when giving to non-profit organizations. According to The Donor Experience […]

Raissa Frenkel—The Secret to A Good Nonprofit

The Secret To A Good Nonprofit: Keep Volunteers Happy

As a leader in a nonprofit, it can be tough to expect volunteers to show up and perform with the same enthusiasm and consistency as the employee of a for-profit organization. While volunteers may very well be passionate about the causes that they support, no pay and inconsistent schedules can cause some volunteers to spend […]

Raissa Frenkel—Branding Your Nonprofit

The Importance Of Branding In Nonprofits

It seems that everybody wants to run a successful nonprofit, but there are far too many that do not realize the importance of good business practices when doing so. Take, for example, branding. When you set out to save the world, or at least make it a better place, it’s easy to just assume that […]

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