Month: December 2018

Raissa Frenkel—Partnering With A Nonprofit

Partnering With A Nonprofit: Benefits For All Sides

For businesses, it can be far too easy to be distracted by the bottom line. From streamlining company organization to training employees and pioneering new products and services, much of what a business does is seen through the lens of what can bring in the most profit.   Now, stakeholders are starting to value aspects […]

Raissa Frenkel—Using Data To Give Back

Feedback Loop: Using Data To Give Back

At its core, philanthropy is about finding and addressing patterns.   Really, most things are. Philanthropy in particular centers around taking a deep dive into societal ills, finding populations affected by some sort of problem, and figuring out how to best address that problem. It’s easy to think of philanthropic efforts as throwing money at […]

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